"A Game Changer"

Plug & Play Marketing Department

Gigantic Media was contacted by Estify, a provider of auto repair estimation software, at a point where their sales had outgrown their in-house marketing capabilities. At the time, their existing strategy consisted solely of making outbound cold calls, and they were also unhappy with their current website. As Estify’s sales team shared their need for some kind of digital marketing support, we worked with them to first develop and then implement a custom marketing program. This involved a completely new marketing strategy that included the a totally redesigned website,  an explainer video and cutting-edge call tracking and back-end analytics.

Marketing Strategy

Designed and implemented brand new marketing strategy

Call Tracking & Analytics

Used unique phone numbers to route calls and track performance

Website Design & Dev

Created a new, CMS-based website with custom grpahics and code

Video Creation

Created a two-minute explainer video using kietic text and animation

Graphic Design

Re-imagined logo & color scheme and created custom elements

Working together, we walked the Estify team through the entire design and development process, from mock-ups to coding to testing. Gigantic Media built a completely customized website; one designed to the client’s specifications and that delivered a world-class web experience. The project also involved the production of a two-minute explainer video, one that would share succinctly why Estify is better than competitors.

As part of the complete marketing package provided, Gigantic Media was responsible for the SEO of the entire website, and provided robust back-end analytics that delivered actionable data reports.

But our work wasn’t done once the website was launched. Our team designed and implemented a pay-per-click advertising campaign that was so successful it allowed the client to get rid of their call centers! Through CallRail integration, both our teams were able to track unique inbound calls, identify and correct system inefficiencies and drastically improve conversion.

Through Gigantic Media’s understanding of client needs, iterative design and development process and top-notch utilization of analytics, we were able to not only generate more leads, but allow Estify to eliminate their costly, inefficient and low-yield outbound sales program, freeing up sales people to act on high-value prospects, saving time and generating money!