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Merging creativity with analytics is what we do every day.

Learn how we can help your company navigate the stormy seas of digital marketing.

It’s no longer enough to be a creative agency. It’s no longer enough to be digital marketing experts.

You need a company that understands your industry; the particular forces and ideas that drive your business.

We bring years of experience to each industry that we service.

This means we speak your language, we understand your customs, we can make your copy sing.

It’s not enough for you to hire a digital agency that doesn’t understand your business.

Just think of all the time you’ll waste explaining to them what all those acronyms mean.

Proudly serving the software, biotech, cybersecurity and entertainment industries.


We have a unique organizational structure: a core of generalists working closely with the many specialist contractors with whom we have developed relationships over many years. This allows us to bring specific expertise and experience to a wide range of projects. Meet our core team.

Sid is a lifelong creative and the mastermind behind Gigantic Media. Equally at home on an acoustic guitar as he is his laptop, he approaches any project he's involved with using the same level of dedication, vision and attention to detail.


Sidney Lindner

Founder & President

Nina is a visual designer who enjoys the technical challenges that come with building a highly functional website, while making sure it doesn’t bore the hell out of the users. Understanding the client’s needs and translating them into something visible and tangible is something she strives for.


Nina Acayan

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Justin is passionate about helping companies grow by generating leads and sales with PPC and web analytics. He manages over $1M in annual ad spend and has helped companies scale to multi-millions in revenue. He loves how PPC strikes a balance between copywriting, data analysis, and web development.


Justin Clifton

Search & Analytics Specialist

Delen is a self-proclaimed PowerPoint wizard and data hunter: collecting, analyzing and executing on. She is most at home in a well-designed spreadsheet, but also enjoys designing for websites and other digital and print media.


Delen Kitchen

Director of Special Projects

Through years of digital marketing experience across multiple industries, Kassy has unveiled a deep personal passion for bridging the gap between art and science. This means time spend equally between analyzing data and uncovering areas of opportunity to inform and execute creative strategies for her clients.


Kasandra Zimmerman

Director of Digital Marketing

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